The Elm City Virtual Karate Challenge:

The Elm City Karate Challenge is the annual tournament hosted by Club Naha Karate-Do each year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event will be hosted virtually as the Elm City Virtual Karate Challenge. We will be offering the following events, Traditional Japanese/Korean Forms, Kempo/Kung Fu/Wushu Forms, Creative Forms, Traditional Weapons, and Creative Weapons. The fee for this event is $30.00 and that covers all events. Proceeds from this event will help the mission based programs at the Alfond Youth and Community Center, such as our afterschool program that gives children a safe, positive, and healthy place to go after school.

Without these mission based programs, many children would not have food to eat when they get home and/or would be in an environment that is extremely negative and potentially unsafe. The AYCC provides these children with a well-balanced meal, encouraging mentors, and wonderful activities that build character and develop skills to help them flourish in life.

Ranks may vary from school to school, please see your instructor if you have questions about your rank.
  1. Novice: White, Yellow and Orange Belts
  2. Intermediate: Green and Blue Belts
  3. Advanced: Brown and Some Red Belts
  4. Black Belt: Black Belts (Including Jr. Black Belts)
Video Submission Rules:
  1. All videos must be uploaded to YouTube. Please copy and paste the URL of your video(s) when registering for your event(s)
  2. Your video must be current, created for the Elm City Virtual Karate Challenge.
  3. At the start of your video, you must present the downloadable tournament card for the division that you are submitting your video for. If you are unable to print the card, please fill out the following information onto an 8.5”x11” piece of paper: Elm City Virtual Karate Challenge and the division code.
  4. Please announce your name, your karate school, your form’s name and This is for the Elm City Virtual Karate Challange before starting your form. Nothing else
  5. There can be no breaks, edits in the track or the video will be rejected.
  6. No text or graphics are permitted in the video.
  7. No background advertisements or company logos (dojo logos and/or backgrounds are okay). A plain wall is best, but not required. Try to remove excess clutter, ie: toys food, etc. for a clean background. Outdoor shots are also good but with no distracting elements. Shoes may be worn if absolutely necessary outdoors.
  8. No tournament videos are permitted. No videos from any other event. This is for a world title so please be precise and submit them early.
  9. Videos should be of the highest possible quality. Clean, no background noise, no audience comments or applause. A good cell phone is sufficient to record your forms. They should be filmed from a front angle close up without cutting off feet, hands or head of the competitor. No change of speed or other edits are permitted.
  10. Once you register and submit your videos there are no changes or replacement videos permitted.
  11. Individual Video times as a general guideline should be at least 30 seconds to around 3:30 minutes in length and contain only 1 form.
Competitor Regulations:
  1. Competitors must wear a traditional Martial Arts uniform that are accepted by their style. Uniform should be clean and neat in appearance.
  2. This is a Martial Arts International Event. Competitors/parents must be disciplined, respectful and abide by these rules to compete or be disqualified.
Traditional Forms/Weapons
  1. Traditional Forms is broken down into two subgroups, Japanese/Korean Forms and Kempo/Kung Fu/Wushu Forms
  2. Traditional forms must highlight the spirit of classic martial arts movements, displaying the traditional techniques, stances, footwork, and weapons.
  3. Emphasis is placed on execution of technique, application of technique, balance, speed, power, solid stances, and focus.
  4. Forms may be unmodified or slightly modified from what a system or school considers to be the original version of the form; however, performance of the following movements can result in a disqualification: Movements that involve more than a 360 degree spin, require the body to be inverted more than parallel to the floor, more than two kicks with the same leg without putting the foot down in between; front or back flips; cartwheels; front or side leg splits; releases of the weapon other than simple hand switches; or any other gymnastic movements or extreme exhibitions of flexibility or agility with the body or weapon that are deemed in the opinion of the judges to be inappropriate for the division pursuant to the general guidelines set forth here. (**Forward Roll is a legal Traditional Technique.)
  5. Japanese/Korean Forms are forms that have derived from Japanese and/or Korean styles of martial arts.
  6. Kempo/Kung Fu/Wushu forms are any and all forms that derive from any and all Kempo, Kung Fu, and/or Wushu styles of martial arts.
  7. All Weapons Divisions are for Intermediate Rank and Higher. Novice participants cannot enter into the Weapons Events.
Open Forms and Weapons
  1. This is one of the main Martial Arts events for all styles and associations, regardless if you study Tang Soo Do, Jidokwan, Kenpo, Isshinryu, Kung Fu/Wushu, etc. or any other styles that have forms for competition.
  2. Forms may be created, modified or even be original.
  3. Acrobatics (flips, etc.) and/or extreme movements are permitted.
  4. Tricks and release techniques are permitted in the Open Weapons Division
  5. Do not film a form with a dropped weapon or hitting an object/wall as it will be disqualified.
  6. All Weapons Divisions are for Intermediate Rank and Higher. Novice participants cannot enter into the Weapons Events.
  7. NOTE: Traditional weapon forms are not used in this division, please see the Traditional Weapons division. Music is optional as long as the form is done to the music and not just background music. Only safe Martial Arts weapons are permitted, no sharp or live bladed weapons.

The top three competitors for each division will receive a medal mailed to their home or martial arts school. There are no additional postage fees if mailed within the continental U.S. International mailing addresses will incur a slight fee. Delivery times may be delayed due to the current pandemic, so we appreciate your patience in advance.

Winners will be announced on October 17th in the afternoon.

Tournament Cards:

At the start of your video, you must present a tournament card for the event that you are submitting your video for. There are three acceptable ways to present this:
1. Download and print the tournament card.
2. Download the tournament card & present the tournament card via a moble device such as a phone or tablet held in front of you with the image clearly visible
3. Fill out the following information onto an 8.5”x11” piece of paper: The Elm City Virtual Karate Challenge followed by the event code.

To download your tournament card or retrieve your event code, click on the applicable event below.

Tournament Registration: Closed